"How To Solve the iFrame Problem with Viewable Impressions plus ...Get Drastically Increased Conversion Rates by Connecting Your Conversions in Real-Time for Viewable Conversions!"

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October 25th

at 1pm Eastern, 11am Pacific

Presented by

Jeff Greenfield

We're Going To Show You...

  • The 'real' differences between a 'served' impression and a 'viewable' impression

  • The secret to solving the iFrame problem which is blocking you from knowing if your ads are being seen

  • How to connect your conversions to your impressions so you only give credit to ads which are seen

  • How to determine where you should be allocating budgets in the new viewable world

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for... even though they are free.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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